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With hundreds of building sites supervised each year, the BOULFRAY group manages daily to its best and to be responsible in controlling its ecological impact


We select our products with care in order to minimise our environmental impact on the supervised projects:

- Our products comply with the European COV standards (COV= Organic Volatile Compounds). They aim at restricting the rate of chemicals substances which evaporate in the atmosphere.
- A range of certified European Ecolabel painting, which testifies the life cycle of the product to be respectful of the environment.

Our approach to reducing GHG emissions

With a focus on continued improvement, our priority measures to reduce emissions are mainly related to our main sources of emissions. We are committed to reducing the carbon footprint for these main sources within the next 2 years.

Implemented measures:
- Waste: Selective containers on site and better selection and recycling on fields.
- Paint: Encourage the use of acrylic and eco-labelled paint to replace glycerol
- Transportation: optimize onsite travelling and encourage responsible driving.
- Materials: generalize the reuse of remnants as much as possible.
- Energy: raise staff awareness to energy efficiency.

Other strategic measures have been implemented in order to sustain our approach to reduction and ensure the continued development of new measures

Concerned about reducing our environmental impact, we have used the Bilan Carbone (r) assessment tool, based ADME's technology

to measure our overall greenhouse gas emissions, from the harvesting of raw materials to the completion of our products full life cycle.

Why has Groupe BOULFRAY committed to thep principles of the Bilan Carbone (r) ?

- To raise employee awareness on issues and to implement corporate best practices
- To reduce our carbon footprint and energy dependency
- To provide a corporate project
- To prepare for future restrictions based on various factors: Economic (higher fossil fuel prices), Regulatory (mandatory reports on emissions for companies >500 employees), Environmental (climate change)
- To provide an environmental response to our clients

Summary : Greenhouse gas emissions

- Beyond Grenelle 2’s applicable regulations on mandatory reports on GHG emissions, we have elected to include our overall direct and indirect emissions (scope 3).

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