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Our achievement
makes a difference

The BOULFRAYgroup owes its strengh to its professionalism across various fields

The Boulfray group owes its strength to its professionalism across various fields.

From home planning to large scale and wide-ranging work(s), we will bring bespoke and practical solutions.

Our unique multiple skills have been developed from 50 years experience. Year after year, we have expanded our knowledge from the projects we have completed.

Specialized in interior decoration, restoration, renovation, each with strong creative input, the Boulfray group has shown the ability to absorb new techniques and building industry innovations

Since 1959, Boulfray has ensured perfection in its work thanks to the family’s love of well-done work expressing itself in the ultimate modern professionalism.

As a committed and ever-changing enterprise, Boulfray keeps its mind open to the future and to new technical challenges.

The BOULFRAY group will keep the promise of making your peoject successful

- A trustworthy business relation based on listening, openness and sharing.
- Deadlines are respected and we ensure to be quick to react in our operations.
- Quality is our keyword throughout the project.

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